Special needs

Special Care And Attention

Children aged 5 to 12 years traveling without a parent or guardian are termed Unaccompanied Minors (UM). Only children within the mentioned age range, matured enough to travel with limited supervision would be allowed to travel as UMs.
  • Our ground staff will assist the UM with checking-in and boarding.
  • Details of the parent/guardian at the origin/destination city is required during the reservation.
  • Evidence of age of the UM such as birth certificate, valid passport, or National Health Insurance Card should be presented at the airport for check-in.
  • Parents/guardians picking up UM are expected to be at the arrival halls 30 minutes prior to scheduled arrival and present a valid photo ID to a Unity Air staff to enable the transfer of the UM between the designated parties. Unity Air will not release an Unaccompanied Minor to anyone other than the name on the UM form. Parents/guardians are expected to ensure that changes of the designated pick-up parent/guardian are settled with a Unity Air Staff at any of our sales/ticket counter prior to the child’s arrival.
  • During the flight, a crew member will be assigned to observe and/or communicate with an UM intermittently as other duties permit. UM are NOT supervised continuously throughout the flight.
  • Unity Air reserves the right not to transport UM on flights that may be diverted or cancelled due to weather or other operational disruptions.
  • UMs are allowed to travel on ONLY non-stop or same-plane service (makes one or two stops but does not require a change of planes or flight number).
  • Unity Air does not assume responsibility for an UM’s actions. Therefore the parent/guardian agrees to release Unity Air for any injury or damages caused by the UM or occurred as a result of the UM’s own negligence.
  • Should the UM’s travel be disrupted or should the person(s) designated fail to meet the Unaccompanied Minor upon arrival at the destination airport, Unity Air is authorized to take whatever action is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances. The parent or guardian agrees to reimburse Unity Air for its expenses incurred in taking such action. If these Terms and Conditions are not met, Unity Air reserves the right not to provide travel to the Unaccompanied Minor.

Kindly Click HERE to Print Our UM Form and Present It At Check-in

  • Infants are not entitled to a seat. Infants may be placed in the lap of an adult passenger (at least 15 years of age). However, a passenger may choose to purchase a seat for an infant as long as there is a proper child restraint device.
  • An adult is permitted to Only one infant on a flight. An additional seat will have to be purchased if an adult is travelling with 2 infants. It is recommended that infants over 20kg in weight should purchase a seat for a safer and comfortable flight.

Babies must be 14 days old and above to be accepted to fly

Expectant mothers are permitted to fly until the 28th week of pregnancy without a medical certificate. From the 28th week till the 34th week, expectant mothers are required to provide a medical certificate from their Obstetrician/Doctor stating the expected date of delivery and that the pregnancy is progressing normally, without complications. Pregnancy beyond 34 weeks is NOT permitted under any circumstances. Please note that for a pregnancy of less than 28 weeks the passenger should ideally be in possession of a medical certificate stating the duration of pregnancy at date of travel. These passengers must NOT be allocated emergency exit seats.

Post-delivery, the mother is permitted to fly 48 hours after normal delivery provided she has a certificate from her Obstetrician/Doctor stating she is fit to fly.

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